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Martma is a Solution-Based Brand built for Mums & Babies.

Our vision is simply "For mothers, by mothers." #Mums Helping mums.

Motherhood can be full of unpleasant experiences, problems and difficulties that takes the nectar out of the flower( discourage mothers from giving their best to their babies, birthing again and perhaps not enjoying the memorable motherhood journey).

Together with Mothers Like you, we want to make motherhood Joyous.


As a group of mothers with these experiences and knowledge of the problems, we came together to embark on a mission to make motherhood joyous by finding solutions to the existing problems. Through research, our experiences and knowledge as mothers ,we have been able to rectify some of these problems by introducing Solution Base Products for Mums and Babies. Check Out Our Journey So far below, Just to Mention Few;



 1st Set Problems Identified & Rectified : Colic, Bottle rejection, Waste of Cash(Compulsory to buy brushes, sterilizers etc.), Transition from breastfeeding to Bottle feeding (Difficulty to Return to work),Unhygienic issues, Limited variations


  • Our Quality Bottles is not hard like the others; its has a tender feel like the mothers breast and with teat shaped as the breast too, it makes it difficult for the baby to notice the difference hence great acceptance from baby.

  • Our Proud Bottles have Dual Air Vent unlike the old bottles  which helps in the intake and outing of the introduced air during feeding hence a remedy to colic in babies.

  • Our Best Award Winning baby bottles comes with a wide neck that allows you to wash with hands to get rid of any hidden germs and particles hence promotion of hygiene and saving of money on brushes that cannot reach hidden small corners.

  • Our Quality , BPA Free Bottles are safe to use in microwave( Good for travel), Dishwashers, Boiling water, Sterilizer etc. This do not force you to acquire for example; a sterilizer when you cannot afford. If you already have any of the above, you are good to go; saving money and reducing Unnecessary financial pressure.

  • Variations Available in Sizes, Sets and Colours. We have bottles in set of 1s,Pairs, Set of 4 and Set of 6. We also have Pink and Green and in sizes 150ml and 250ml.

2nd Set Problems Identified & Rectified

Waste of Breast milk, Save money on expensive pumps,depriving baby from required nutrients,spilling of clothing etc.

6 in 1 bottles.jpg

Unlike the traditional breast pads, Our shells collect milk and save every precious drop for baby. Breast milk is very essential for baby development ,nutrition and health so it must be save not wasted with breast pads.

It also protect crack or sore nipples and help with the healing process .It is comfy and soft, BPA Free(100%food grade),Safe in microwave, sterilizers, boiling water dishwasher .Get Yours now to help with the cause  

Our 3rd Rectification Set have been launched (Bra/Pump) and the 4th will be launching soon!!

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