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  • BEST QUALITY -100% Money Back Guaranteed- WE ARE PROUD TO OFFER
  • Material: Nursing bra made  of 100% Cotton. It is very friendly to women with sensitive skin.Detailed size,Size M Fit 32C/32D/34B/34C/36A/36B. Size L Fit 34C/34D/36B/36C/38A/38B.Size XL Fit 36C/36D/38B/38C/40A/40B
  • Comfortable design: The breastfeeding bra adopts a one-piece seamless design without steel rings, which can well adapt to the shape of the breast, and can be used as a super comfortable sleeping bra.
  • Good support: The wide breastfeeding band design can provide sufficient support while loosening the cup for breastfeeding, supporting the ribs and preventing sagging, and the bra extension buckle can adapt to the normal bust fluctuations of nursing mothers.

Full Cotton New Maternity Nursing Bra x2

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