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Mom’s best kept secret! absorbency and discretion are the features mothers prize most in a nursing pad. inside the pad to help nursing mums feel comfortable whenever let-down occurs. Martma unique triangular shape pad fits neatly and stays inside most any bra style. The ultra thin and discreet pad has a contoured shape to fit easily into a nursing bra or regular bra. Multiple layers provide exceptional absorbency, and a one-way top sheet traps moisture.

  • 100% Comfort Disposable.
  • Honeycomb texture has a soft silky feel.
  • Protect your bra and clothes from breast milk leakage.
  • Ultra absorbent core helps to keep skin and cloths day or night.
  • Made of breathable materials, these pads are hygienic and gentle on skin.

Breast Pads 20pk

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